Partnerships: At Sebalu & Lule, we believe in partnerships. The partnerships we cherish and value most are those we have forged through time and experience with our clients and our people over the years of our existence as a leading law firm in Uganda. We are passionate about our commitment to providing a high degree of client care and relationship management. We make it our priority to get to know our clients in order to better understand their needs. In this way, we are able to support our clients’ operational and strategic needs and provide quality business legal services tailored to their needs.

We strive to give commercial and pragmatic advice; we aim to build relationships; we commit to protecting our clients’ interests; we ensure that our clients have control of the process; we simplify the process and we work in teams.

Professional Standards/Confidentiality/Integrity: We insist on the highest professional standards in handling all our assignments. We treat client’s work with the strictest confidence. Regarding our relations with external persons and agencies, we have a code of conduct that strictly prohibits practices such as bribery and other forms of patronage and we subscribe to the precepts contained in the Uganda Anti-Corruption Act 2009, the United Kingdom Bribery Act 2010 and the OECD Convention on Combating Bribery of Foreign Public Officials in International Business Transactions.

Service Quality: We strive to achieve and maintain high levels of service quality and work performance excellence across all departmental levels. Our quality assurance policy aims to ensure that quality related problems are identified at an early stage and appropriately handled.

Conflict of Interest: We take conflict business seriously so as not to prejudice the interests of our clients. We execute conflict of interest declarations with our clients and undertake to ensure that we declare and promptly resolve any actual or potential conflicts.

Responsiveness: We place a premium on timely responses to clients because we understand the function of law in business. Competitive turnaround and delivery times of all assignments are the hallmark of our practice.

Size: We are one of the largest law firms in Uganda. We rely on six fulltime Partners, a team of dedicated Associates, a support staff complement of twenty members and over five independent consultants with whom we ordinarily associate with when required or when assignments to be undertaken require other technical expertise outside of the legal field. This core team is supported first by the DLA Piper Africa Group of over 500 professionals and also by the full DLA Piper global resource of over 4,200 lawyers worldwide. We commit and dedicate all the combined manpower and technological resources of the firm to handling our clients’ needs. With our level and quality of human resource, we are able to handle many tasks simultaneously without compromising the quality of our output.

Technological Resources: Our technological capabilities ensure that our lawyers are available all day, every day and speed up our response times and ensure that all team members are up to speed while handling client briefs.

Client Support: For each client, we appoint an engagement partner who is primarily responsible for the relationship between the firm and the client. We appoint a team of specialists in each field of law of importance to the client to ensure that the client receives advice from lawyers with appropriate expertise who are best-placed to provide it.